Memphis Ghosts, Shrines and Psychic Readings

Memphis Ghosts, Shrines and Psychic Readings

Memphis Tennessee is an eccentric place filled with psychic  parlors and attractions. It is easy to get any kind of reading in this town  including astrology, palmistry, crystal readings or tea leaves. Generations of  psychics have been running businesses in the home of Graceland for decades.

  There are many psychic shops and healing centers in Memphis  including The Psychic Shop, Giggling Angels and the Alpha Spiritual Supply  Store. There are a couple of big hoodoo and rootworking supply stores in  Memphis as well including Tater Redís Lucky Mojos which sells powders, candles,  incense and statues for magick and the Ebbo Spiritual Supply House which sells  similar items.

  Memphis is also a mecca for ghost hunters. A decrepit old  bar in downtown Memphis called Ernestineís and Hazelís has been the site of  many murders with the result that the juke box kicks in on its own and ghosts  have been spotted in the former brothel upstairs.

  The Orpheum Theater in downtown Memphis is also famous for a  little girl ghost named Mary who was hit by a car outside the theater in the  last century. She is often spotted sitting in seat C-5 in the theater and her  laughter is heard ringing through the auditorium late at night.

  If you believe in the psychic energy emitted by Pyramid  Power you might want to meditate or channel spirits in front of the Pyramid  Arena in Memphis which is the largest glass pyramid on earth and is higher than  the Empire States building in New York.

  If you want to connect to your Higher Self through the power  of gemstones you might want to visit the Crystal Shrine Grotto which depicts  biblical scenes made out of quartz, semi-precious stones, limestone and  speleotherns. It is located in Memorial Park Cemetery and is a favorite  meditation place for psychics and mediums.

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